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Welcome to Rakuen Judo

Rakuen Judo Academy is situated in Mermaid Waters on the Gold Coast, with classes held at Sensei Matthew Kinstler’s Private Dojo. The classes are not all about teaching competition techniques, with classes teaching the various aspects of the traditional Kodokan Judo methods and principals.

When a lot of people think of martial arts they tend to think that all martial arts are the same, and do kicking and punching... just in “different styles”. Judo is not like other martial arts such as Karate, Kung Fu, Taekwondo or Muay Thai and Boxing as Judo is frequently referred as “the art of giving way and uses the principle of “maximum efficiency with minimum effort” to overcome an opponent.

If you could compare judo to any other martial art that is taught on the Gold Coast it would be closer to Aikido or Jiu Jitsu which judo came from. However, the techniques taught in judo involve throwing techniques that use the hips, shoulders, feet, hands and sacrifice movements to bring an opponent to the ground. As most fighting and defence situations end up on the ground judo also involves various pinning and special Japanese wrestling techniques as well strangles arm bars for students older than fourteen years of age to submit an opponent. There are also striking techniques and streetwise self-defence fighting techniques taught at the Rakuen Judo Academy that most Australian Judo Schools don’t teach, as they are very competition focused.

Apart from being a respected martial art taught to police and the military, judo is also an Olympic sport with local competitions held mainly in Brisbane and other towns and cities around Australia including the Gold Coast. Unlike MMA, Boxing and Cage Fighting Competitions, judo follows a code of “mutual welfare and benefit” so the rules are designed to enable judo practitioners to practice the art without going too far and hurting other people. Judo enforces the use of restraint, self-discipline, courage and respect to all that attend classes to make judokas (judo students) respected and respectable members of the community.

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New Rakuen Judo Club members are required to join the JFAQ within 1 month of starting judo to ensure proper insurance requirements are met, are able to participate in competitions as well as internationally recognised grading.






When it is safe, do not be careless; when it is dangerous, do not fear- simply continue down the path ahead.

No matter what the situation , make best use of means available.

Jigaro Kano


Samurai spirit:
Value honour and integrity

Jigaro Kano